Wolves In Wool was founded and is owned and operated by Jeffrey McGonigle. Jeffrey was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia. “Growing up in Hampton Roads you can’t help but develop a respect for history and military. The area witnessed and played a role in so much of who we have become as a nation. My love of  things from yesteryear reflects that.”

Throughout his career Jeffrey has worked in almost all industries. “I’ve worked in the service industry, manufacturing, corporate, US Department of Defense. I’ve been blessed to build parts that have traveled into space, work in HR for a Fortune Global 500 company, trained local law enforcement in the art of photography, and since 2016 owning and operating a small business.” The experience of laboring in such vastly different industries prepared Jeffrey for the unique challenges of starting a business. “I’ve always been a jack of all trades, master of none. In building a business, that is an asset, not a liability. You have to have an extremely broad skill-set to be a successful entrepreneur.”

Jeffrey built Wolves In Wool as an answer to the lack of establishments that cater to men. He believes gentlemen need a place to call their own. Jeffrey is crafting and refining Wolves In Wool to be that place.        20180323_190232

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